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September 2006


Tom Asacker

Now this is a great post!

Stephen Woessner

Your post on Wal-Mart was interesting. On a different Wal-Mart topic, did you know that Wal-Mart owns the largest TV network in the world? Wal-Mart TV inside all of their stores. What is your take on digital signage and its use for PR or brand building since these networks require significant infrastructure investments, but could be offset by advertising?

Leo Bottary

Enjoyed your post as always. At the end of the day, it's about building relationships and earning trust.


Thanks Joel. It is easy to hate a company, especailly a big one. It is much harder to hate a person, especially one that can articulate a strong position.

I though Lee was excellent in his CBS interview, my heart was warming to Wal-Mart.


Nice post, Laura. Couldn't agree more and believe this kind of mindset should inspire more company heads to start blogging, building better connections with stockholders, customers, the media, and even "the haters."

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