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September 2004



While I think you're usually right about most things, I think Britney's behavior will likely have the opposite effect.


Jonh Felix

I believe this is a great article yet it only confirms a long known trend in the PowerStar Market.

This Market follows the ancient laws of economy:

If the star doesn´t appear for a long time, the expectations of the fans begin to rise and naturally that extends to media, increasing the demand.

If the star is always appearing in every magazine it becomes a normal thing for fans, and then the offer of contents related to that star becomes higher than the demand.

The Fashion Industry discovered this law many years ago, so now it´s a common practice to make disapear models for long periods with the objective of increasing demand.

As for Britney´s behavior, it´s definitely a wrong thing for her brand. Not because it has shocked society but because it didn´t match the character that Britney built in consumer/ fans minds.

Shocking society it´s not always a bad thing, it depends on the product that you are selling, notice Dennis Rodman.

Joao Félix da Costa

Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

Great article. If she takes your advice, and vanishes, then we could call her:

Britney [Di]S[ap]pears

That's the Derridean deconstructionist in me leaking out again.

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