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September 2004


Tracey Knight

I'm doing a project in college does anyone know where the name Toys R US originated from?


"...kids had to go. ...exclusive toys. ...happening events and activities. ...playgrounds ...special events (with personal appearances by toy personalities) ... exclusive deals with hot toy manufacturers."

I worked at Toys R Us for a couple years in the early/mid 90's. At that time they were doing all of the above except the playgrounds (although the store felt like it at times). If they stopped all of that, I can see why they're having problems.

Also note that they got into a little trouble over their excluse Barbie deals for abusing their monopoly (which they never really had, especially compared to TicketMaster, a company that had a much higher market share and was found innocent of being a monopoly)

Terrel Shumway

There is a small store in Logan UT, not 200 feet from Wal-Mart that has done exactly what you describe.

The toys are outrageously expensive by comparison, but it is a whole lot more fun than shopping in Wal-Mart.

As a smart branding move, they have donated toys to all of the local hospital and doctor's office waiting rooms.

Magical Moon Toys
Steve Shelton
1451 North 200 East
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 752-toys

(Too bad their web site isn't up yet: MagicalMoonToys.com)

Jann Van Hamersveld

Toys "R" Us really needs to change it's floor layout by focusing on the parents. As a parent I completely avoid the Toys "R" Us experience because I find that the layout is weird, merchandise is usually in strange spots aisles run horizontal to the entrance making it easy to lose your kid. Play areas, test tracks for RC cars, toy demos and door prizes would be a great addition as well.


In Louisiana most toys "r" us have very very few white people employed in them.

That could be part of the problem. B/c simpy put the "others" really dont give a damn about the company.

at least that is my experience in the 2 stores I have been in.

Dave Young

Depth of selection is their neglected and forgotten position. If I was looking for a SPECIFIC toy, I would always choose Toys'R'Us over WaldeMort because I knew Toys'R'Us would have it. WaldeMort might be out if it was a popular toy.
On the other hand, if I was just looking for any old toy, I might head to WM first because I wouldn't have to put up with kids riding their bikes around the store.
(just kidding!)

Laura Ries

Thanks Maya.

You are exactly right. Toys "R" Us is not fun anymore. It is like every other toy store or toy department. And there lies the problem. Since they are the same, most parents chose to save money and go to Wal-Mart.

Maya Sunpongco

I remember being a kid at Toys R Us and being able to take a bike from the rack and ride around inside the store. No one bothered me because it was Toys R Us. Kids are allowed to play. But alas, it didn't seem to last long. More and more items were untouchable... behind locked glass cabinets. What happened to "where kids can go to and play?" Wasn't that the Toys R Us motto? Now, all grown up and thinking of having kids -- I have so many alternatives to purchase toys. I really don't think of Toys R Us. It's not fun anymore.

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