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October 2004



Hey Laura,it makes sense.If you came in late, well you ain't lost. Be early in what's been missing and build from there.

Cialis has always been an interesting brand for me. Still do remember how impressed I was earlier this year when they came out with 'publicize the category' ad-campaign and let the consumers decide which they prefer within the category.

You can find it here,on this permalink


Stay well.

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

I like your analysis, but viagra and other ED cures are going against nature. If nature tells a man to stop pro-creating, and this is circumvented by a pharmaceutical, just think of the monstrosities and freaks that are going to be born.

Just my controversial opinion.

I like how Jerry Della Femina was strongly opposed to the tv commercials that have been banned from US television: the ones with the guy sprouting devil horns, acting "horny", Mr. "wild thing", was this a Cialis or Levitra ad? I forget.

Michele Miller

Great post, Laura! What a perfect example in parallel to your newest book - and the fact that it was delivered by a female is rockin'!

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