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October 2004



I have to disagree with Laura -- I think GoDaddy.com was the most memorable ad of the SuperBowl. I am not alone in this opinion, talk radio stations were a-buzz with this one ad the following week and most of the discussion I heard harmonized that the majority of adds were boring and flat save this one.

I had no trouble remembering the ad or product after having been exposed to it just this once. And I promptly visited their website that week. The ad was the perfect blend of entertainment and brand exposure, and the only ad that had "testicles".

Perhaps the ad was unappealing to women or to an ultra-uptight moral minority. But to the vast majority of SuperBowl watchers, it was entertaining and memorable, and even more so for those of us that do business on the web.

I believe GoDaddy hit their target market on the head. As to whether their company can afford the price for this kind of brand exposure, and as to whether or not sufficient sales will follow such an ad, I'll leave that to their accountants.

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