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April 2005


Julia Havey

Jorge claims "if he had kept going at that rate, he would have become obese", that is really not a real claim. He was a chubby kid, but most kids go through an akward phase. He has ONE picture of himself on a couch as an adult to show that he was "overweight" and therefore 'feels the pain' along with the rest of us and our weight issues.

I think his titles are misleading and in the long run do more harm than good to the obese person.

If you are 100 pounds overweight, sorry, but 8 minutes of exercise in the morning is not going to do a damn thing for you. If you really look at Jorge's "diet", it is nothing more than a sound (and good) nutritional eating plan, but that isn't sexy and isn't one that is likely to be a blockbuster best seller, so you are right Laura, he had to market it and build a brand and how better than to tell people that they could lose weight just by exercising for 8 minutes in the morning! Who wouldn't buy that?! I know that I would have when I was 290 pounds and grabbed at any promise of easy weight loss.

It is only when reading the fine print of Jorge's plan, like with any fad diet or pill, that you find "for optimal results follow a healthy diet and exercise!" If one ONLY did the 8 minutes as promised in the title they would not realize significant weight loss.

As for the 3-hour diet?! The title reeks of fad and quick fix promises. I promise you that some poor unsuspecting folks bought this book hoping to be thin in 3 hours. Why not be upfront and say "The eat every 3 hour diet" AND don't give the additional fake promise of "it's not WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat it".

Jorge, it is what you eat! The biggest problem for the American overweight population is WHAT they eat and to tell them if they just alter the time of day that they eat it, and then they will lose weight--"2 pounds EVERY week" is nothing more than another fad that will only lead to disappointment rather than weight loss.

The truth isn't sexy and it doesn't sell as well as fads, but it works.

Carpe Diet!


The great thing about life and brands is that they are always evolving. Which allows for the introduction of new brands all the time. If life were set, it would not be as exciting or offer you the endless possibilities, the same is true of brands.

Yes, after Jorge becomes the next big thing, people will perhaps move on to the next hot diet. But Atkins made his brand last 30 + years. You need to build a strong brand (not just a fad) and continually reinvent yourself. I think Jorge has the ability to do just that.

Art Vandelay

But! If like you say the media is tired of South Beach, doesn't Jorge have the same future limitation?

Jonathan Kranz

I bet that changing your name is one of the most difficult choices a person can make, yet I can understand why Jorge made the call.

Remember Reuben Blades? Exactly.

Back in the '80's, Blades was expected to be "the next big thing," perhaps the first Hispanic American to make superstar status. He had it all: singing talent, acting talent, good looks and a charming personality.

But Anglos couldn't get his name straight. Did Blades rhyme with "shades," or should you pronounce it like "blah days"? Or someting else?

In direct response, we know that confusion costs us lost customers. I suspect that it cost Blades his career.

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