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October 2005



Speaking of branding wars, Darren Rovell's new book, "FIRST IN THIRST: How Gatorade Turned the Science of Sweat into a Cultural Phenomenon," tells the tale of Gatorade's branding victory over Coca-Cola.

The Brand Autopsy blog, linked below, has an excerpt from the book as well as an audiocast.



Bram Pitoyo

Forgive me for straying on the topic. But remember that Apple never position nor name the iPod "Video iPod." Instead, they position them as "the iPod that does the same stuff. Oh, and it can play video as well." And then they eliminate the iPod Photo in order not to confuse the consumer. Put simply, they didn't make a new category to compete with the old one; instead, they upgraded the old category. Yes, I do think that Apple is doing a convergence--but will they fail with this move?

On a different note, I totally agree on your post on Martha Stewart.


What on earth is Apple thinking with the Video iPod?? I think the Video iPod is another attempt at convergence that will fail. Think about it, a music player should be as small as possible. A video player should be small but have as large a screen as possible. Nature favors the extremes is what Darwin said. iPod is wildly successful because it was a divergence product. Why they are going against that I don't understand. Forget the Photo iPod and Video iPod. I predict all of them will fail.

Dennis D. Balajadia

I agree with your previous post on the iPod Nano. Is their release of the NEW Video-enabled iPod fall into the trap of The Law Of Expansion? Do you view it as an expansion of the scope of the iPod brand or a and natural evolution of the device?


I am not sure of the exact demographics for the shows. My feeling is that the demographics for each are very similar. I have been watching Today almost my whole life. And I have personally noticed the decline in the quality of the show when they went to a three hour format. The show feels thin compared to GMA's. Doing three hours clearly has taken a toll on the stars and the producers.


I'd like to know your point of view on these:
What are the demographics of Today and GMA's viewers, and how have they changed? Are NBC and ABC adapting to the tastes of their morning show viewers?

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