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October 2005



It was just too expensive for Delta to be managing two almost-separate airlines under its current financial situation.
Song was more like JetBlue than Southwest.
Any thoughts on JetBlue?

Constantine von Hoffman

I agree with your point about Song being launched too late but I disagree about the brand name/identity. According to analysts I talked to -- Song was actually succeeding in the marketplace. It may actually have been one of the few parts of Delta to actually make money. Song customers were actually quite devoted to it and there were enough of them to make it a go. I have huge doubts about Delta's ability to make itself more Song-like. I think the things that made Song sing (sorry about that) are impossible for any of the legacy air carriers to recreate, especially at the rate they are all losing money. For more details on Song please see my upcoming story on anti-brands at CMOmagazine.com. It will be posted sometime next week.

Jacky Tai

Instead of trying to go head-on with Southwest, Delta & Gang should re-position their airlines. Southwest is No. 1 in coach. Delta could have tried to dominate the business class category. Nothing but business class. Delta is the airline that serious business travellers use. Think of how much publicity such a move will generate. But I seriously doubt that the airline industry has the guts to do that.

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