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January 2006



Lots of really great comments!

First of all, I agree the Packers are a great brand! And the fans are not just loyal they are fanatics. My in-laws just got off the waiting list for tickets after 30 years.

Burger King is a mess. That new King is indeed totally creepy! They are destroying was was left of that brand. They should get back to flame broiling.

Google certainly wins the year as the brand that got the most and best PR. But as a brand I think they are going in totally the wrong direction by expanding in every direction. Webvan was a stock darling at one point too.

I would have kept all the convergence crap out of the Razr. I don't think it needs it. There will always be a small market for people who want one product that "does it all." But the majority want simplicity. Has anyone seen two great articles that ran reinforcing this point?

One was in the USA TODAY and another is in the Harvard Business Review.

High-tech gadgets should stick to a single task, thank you; Kevin Maney. USA TODAY. McLean, Va.: Jan 25, 2006. pg. B.2

Defeating Feature Fatigue, Feb 2006


- Laura


You also have to consider Google as a winning brand in 2005.

While their stock is going crazy, they have to be careful about over-extending themselves.

They beat Yahoo and the others by focusing just on search. That's it. Now they have pricing tools, maps, images, news and other features. They are becoming more like Yahoo.

The pressure to increase earnings every quarter force them to do this. There is only so big a market for search ads. They are compelled to expand to other areas, and it will be the end of their reign soon enough.



A strong brand with loyal fans can weather rough times.

The Packers brand is just fine, even though they are in a very small geographic market.

With a 60-year waiting list for tickets, and the most loyal fan base in sports (even considering the beloved Chicago Cubs), the brand is strong and has exceptional value.

The Packers are among the most profitable team in sports every year, through good and bad seasons. The brand just sells.

Compare that to the Bears, whose fans won't fill their stadium unless the team is playoff-bound. A bad year on the field is disastrous for them financially.

When the Bears had a few bad years the owners threatened to move the team out of the city and into the 'burbs (or even Indiana). And the 'fans' still complain about the new stadium, which was a branding gaffe in an of itself.


You are married? Lucky guy.

I would have picked anything from the Burger King menu as the brand loser. Alongside it's creepy commercial that serve as nails in the coffin on the brand that is/was know as Burger King.


Bud Select did a terrible job of explaining what it was supposed to be. I bought a case of it for a party in September and nobody touched it. I tried some later and it's fine for what it is, but something about it seems to make people wary. I still have about a dozen bottles of it in the fridge.

rob bergin

Want to see beer guys review this article - check it out.


Paul Hotze

I agree with you that the razor is the Biz-omb but it appears that you become tolerant of convergence when it is placed in a neat and sleek package. I believe as technology advances, we will want all the bells and whistles on our phones. Why do I think the Rokr bombed? Who wants to buy a phone that only holds 100 songs. However, give me a phone that can 3k songs and has a 4 megapixel camera and I would be happy as an oyster....or is it a clam?
I believe there is a time for convergence and a time simplicity. I think that technology has yet to catch up to our expectations and once it reaches that point, watch out.
Technically, my computer is a convergence product. I can use it for photo shop, email friends, surf the net, run excel spreadsheets, write reports, and the list goes on. It's not like I need a computer that is dedicated only to each of these functions. Anywho, no need to bore all of you but that is just my spin on it.


Of course your can't eat burgers all the time, that's why people go to Taco Bell, Papa John's and Subway! If Hardees confuses the brand with too many menu choices consumers will go somewhere else for burgers. You can't satify everyone all the time with one brand. Remember Boston Market. Thanks for you comment Mack.

Mack Collier

Laura I noticed the other day that Hardees has started selling tacos now, and had a new commercial for them. Showed a girl eating one, and said 'because you can't eat burgers all the time'. Looks like after paring down their menu to focus on just hamburgers, and growing profits, they are going to screw around and go right back to offering too many items, and losing focus. When will companies learn that more is sometimes less?!?


I wouldn't rule out Bud Soda, if Coca-Cola can introduced Blak a coffee infused soda anything is clearly possible in the world of stupid brand extensions!


What a wonderful selection of brands!

I wonder if Budweiser will have Bud Soda anytime soon?? LOL!

Mike Bawden

Excellent choices, Laura. It's interesting to see how poorly Rokr did for Motorla while the Razr seems to have taken off. And your rationale for the Bud Select choice was right on target.

I'll be adding this blog post to my list of blog posts marketers should read on my "Much Ado About Marketing" blog.

Thanks again,

Mike Bawden
Brand Central Station

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