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March 2006



Martin, I understand your confusion. The word tactics has become so overused these days since Bottom-Up was written. In the book, Al described how brands should stick to one powerful primary tactic. Like Dell selling direct or Little Caesar’s doing 2-for-1 pizza. In those cases the tactic becomes the strategy and focus of the company. So the strategy remains the same. But over the years with new technology you may need to adapt how you reach consumers. For instance the rise of the Internet has allowed Dell incorporate a new tactic while still sticking to the direct strategy.

Martin Messier

Hi Laura,

Great post, once again. One thing that puzzled me was your use of the words strategy and tactics. Are you using them as defined by Al Ries and Jack Trout in Bottom-Up Marketing or in the way it's used by everybody else? Accoding to them, tactics should never change.

Looking forward to your answer,



Another great post!

I passed by a nearby magazine kiosk in a mall here in Ortigas (a business district in Manila) and I saw TIME having an attached magazine called TIME Life and Style. Are they actually trying to extend their already good and powerful brand?!

My goodness, I sure understand how a company can get defocus by success!!

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