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August 2006



Great quote Leo! Would make a nice headline!

Edge does have 8 varieties of gel on the market. Any shaving gel they introduce should have the Edge name on it since it is the core focus of the brand. But you want to be careful to keep the number reasonable. Otherwise you are adding costs and risk confusing the customer with too many choices.

Weber's core focus was charcoal grills with the famous dome shape. But when they came out with gas grills, the product did not look or cook like a Weber. That is a problem. However, they have done well because of a lack of serious focused competition. But that could change in the future.


I'm was wondering if SC Johnson made another type of EDGE gel. Maybe a extension of it's core focus on the gel. Like if weber did another type of charcoal grill. Would that still be a bad choice? I'm not thinking about endless choices but a natural extension of the brand. Not mindless extensions like extending the brand to the enemies category like EDGE and Weber.

Leo Bottary

It only makes sense that the more you dilute the brand, the less EDGE you have.

Scott Miller

Undeniably correct. And yet, at least 80% of the marketing people "out there" will disagree. No coincidentally, the same percentage of marketing "out there" is hilariously bad.

Edge ActiveCare will last maybe two years, then quietly disappear. Execs will mumble things like, "it was ahead of it's time." The marketing/design folks behind it this product will mumble, "it didn't get enough support." Bucks will be passed, maybe someone is fired, and in a few years they'll merrily repeat their mistake with a new line-extension. Honestly, I love it -- it's hard not to watch train wrecks.

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