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April 2007


KMF Kamal

I agree that traditional brands do not have the association with a new media space like the internet - having said that, what about all the brand equity that lies with these brands in the minds of consumers?

I suppose big corporates are reluctant to launch new brands when all their marketing dollars are being spent increasing the equity in their core brands.

Laura Ries

Sorry Geoff, I don't know where you got your info, but according to the numbers I have read, Amazon is still winning the online book business.

Barnes & Noble had sales last year of $5.3 billion and net profits of $150 million, but my guess is that they lost money on their Internet operation.

Amazon.com had sales last year of $10.7 billion, twice the sales of Barnes & Noble. Net profits were $190 million.

Barnes & Noble hasn’t surpassed Amazon in anything.

Both companies have made major marketing mistakes.

Barnes & Noble
by not using a different name for their website.

Amazon for getting into everything besides books.

Geoff Livingston

This is true most of the time, but not universally so. I think the best example of successful brick & mortar gone online is Barnes & Noble, which has really gone on to surpass Amazon. A serious argument could be made in this instance for Amazon causing major brand identity confusion with its many stores, thus creating an opportunity for bn.com.



It's even a better story than that - tmz.com is an AOL company, which sources alot of their traffic. Independent blogger Perezhilton.com is the really impressive site in this space. If you're interested, I wrote an piece on this subject and his site a few days ago: http://www.marksonland.com/2007/03/ode_to_perez_hilton.html

Cynthia Pinsonnault

Maybe it's from reading your blog or maybe it's just happening more these days, but I seem to see bad branding everywhere I look. And don't get me started on line extensions -- have you see "Miller Chill" - positioned against Cerveza?

Love your blog ... please don't stop!

Cindy P

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