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October 2007


Sunil S Chiplunkar

In India we have a brand Kingfisher - one of the world's largest selling beer; and now the owner of the brand Mr. Vijay Mallya has successfully launched an airline - a classy and leading one in India - called Kingfisher airlines. He is successful at both the branding efforts. So what say you?

Cam Beck

Not sure I agree with #1, although ordinarily I would.

The name is a staple amongst people who live in Hawaii. Even if the clientèle are tourists, the name of the state fish gives the restaurant a distinct and authentic Hawaiian flavor. It falls in line rather well with everything else a tourist will have to mispronounce during a typical visit.

There are lots of street names and restaurant names, for instance, that fall back on the Hawaiian vernacular, which are immediately unpronounceable by "the haoles" (a racist but generally well-known and oft used term in the islands). I used to work on King Kamehameha Highway in Kaneohe, and frequently called on vendors outside of the state who always seemed to be flabbergasted when I had to give them our street address. :)

However, although I've been wrong before, I have little doubt that a restaurant by that name would find little success outside of Hawaii. The necessary frame of reference would be missing.

Branding Blog

As a branding agency I like to go out and scour the net for really great articles. It’s tough to find one that’s right on point and yours is. Thanks for the read and keep up the good work.

Scott White
The BIG Kahuna

Scott Miller

Another great post.

Looking forward to a follow-up post on the iPhone, too, seeing that it seems to be gathering steam after it's relatively slow start. Plus, Google and others will soon join the fun with similarly highly integrated phones (which are really just sophisticated, highly-intuitive improvements over the Blackberry and other integrated communication devices).


humuhumunukunukuapua's is not so randomly and stupidly chosen as you think. humuhumunukunukuapua is the guy in the FANTA ads aired all over Europe. so if you would many people around here about humuhumunukunukuapua they would know who you're talking about and would probably want to go and visit his restaurant. Maybe that commercial was not aired in the US... i'll try to find a link if you want to see it.

This is just like that catalog in the US , "The J. Peternam Catalog", which was named and made exactly after the catalog in "Seinfeld", for which the character Elaine worked.

I'm not saying it's a good brand strategy, but it might get you a little buzz and maybe that buzz is just what a new brand needs to get the chance to convince the customers to "come again"... standing by the principle "can't like it if you haven't tried it".


Again one of my favourite blogs :) but in this halloween.. i would like to say:- ghosts say althrough our life- as depression, hunger, pollution, exhaustion, and war and worst- lack of freedom and separatism !..

So while enjoying halloween- let love, happiness and companionship to see a better world stay in our minds. we can also make some of our fellow beings happy and let them smile for a while :)

Gabriela Govea

At this moment I am reading your book, "the origin of the brands", an it's kinda good. I meant, I'm 19 years old, I started with the marketing carrer in Mexico, but I left to come here (OR) and study in the SOU or OSU. This is my first marketing book in english, and I thing it is great, honestly. In the past two months I've been creating anidea (in my mind) about a new clothes biz... and after read some pages of your book I'm not so sure about it, so I've been started to develope another idea a little smaller tha the other one... divergence... right?

But I still love the hybrid sony ericsson w960i.


pd. I put my URL just if have a chance to write something to me, if have the chance to let me know that you read this. (www.expontanea.blogspot.com). It's kinda old, but I really like the name.

Laura Ries

My 5 year old son was a Ninja and my 2 year old son was a lion. Me? I dressed up like a stay at home Mom and took them trick-or-treating. My husband works in San Fran. :)

Greg Gillispie

So what did your kids dress up as for their Halloween candy grabbing excursion?

Better yet, what did you and your husband dress up as to accompany the kids and hand out candy at your house?

Answer required - booo!

Laura Ries

Love the "Lettuce Entertain You" restaurants. I went to Northwestern University, so I lived in Chicago for four years and ate at them all the time. My now-huband wined and dined me there.

Martin Calle

Great piece on restaurant marketing. I was good friends with Blaine Sweate of Pillsbury's Restaurant Group when he spun it into Darden. I last visited with Blaine on a trip to Santa Monica. He was talking about spinning the old Pritikin Institute (The Pritikin Diet) into a restaurant concept.

I introduced him to America's premier and still standing restaurant entrepreneur of the day, Chicago's Rich Mellman. Rich and his Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group started with a 60's hippie hamburger place called R.J. Grunt's in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Then he opened Lawrence of Oregano down the street on Diversey west of Clark on the north side of the street before opening Shaw's Crab House, Maggiano's Little Italy and scores of now regionally and nationally located eateries spanning every conceivable theme. His formula for success and popularity is great food, served hot and lots of it at reasonable prices (even at Chicago's Pump Room). His restaurants always have great seamless decor and themes. Next time you are in his neighborhood check him out. I think he's personally responsible for putting my favorite Chicago restaurant (a great restaurant town) Crickets (Chicago's 21 Club) out of business. I had to move over to Gene & Georgetti's. I don't hate that either!

Halloween thoughts courtesy of Emily Dickenson: "One need not be a chamber to be haunted; One need not be a house; The brain has corridors surpassing material place."

Damir, Serbia


Great text!

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