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November 2007


Laura Ries

The essence of the Ries brand is focus. The reason Al is a guru and has been for decades is that he has evolved his ideas from Positioning to Marketing Warfare to Focus to Immutable Laws to the Fall of Advertising to the Origin of Brands. His ideas are different from conventional thinking, controversial and deliver real results for marketers. Al's legacy is one I hope I can contribute to and build on in the future.

Kevin Delaney

So Laura, what do you think are the defining differences which have set your Dad apart from other marketing gurus? What in your opinion is the essence of the Al Ries brand?


My vote goes to Laura Ries. The few blog postings she does strike the best balance between being plausible, practical, and instructive.

Morgan Cloward

I would replace Seth Godin with Laura Ries in a heartbeat!

Alan 'Brand' Williamson

Laura, your Dad would top my list - everytime!

But did you notice that Brand America has dominated this list with Brand Canada sneaking in at No.9?

My next question: Rest of the World - where are you?

Brand the Marketect

Sunil S Chiplunkar

I agree marketing gurus are out-of-the-box and very liberal with their sharing of insights and ideas. This empowering attitude makes the 'gurus' even more influential and immortal. When there is genuine concern in their thoughts and a dedication to know the truth, it gets reflected in their writings and talks...their words seem very practical and useful to the listener or reader, and that makes them real gurus. For instance, Seths blog or Mr. Al Ries's books are very useful, it comes from their dedication to know the truth and their concern for the world is reflected in their communication. What sets marketing and communication experts apart from other societal leaders is that their words are very palatable and constructive.

Bill Gammell


I do hope you make it in the future. I mean, where are the women in this list??

Daves Davoli

My vote goes to Al Ries!!!! Go Ries GO!

Geoff Livingston

Why aren't you in the list? That'd be my vote.

I'll have to take Seth in the interim.

Steve Liberati

Seth Godin, hands down.


Seth for the win.

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