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December 2007


Martin Calle

As far as introducing your cookies, I would outsource to a door-to-door sales organization such as Cydcor on an experimental basis here in southern California. With offices in over 27 countries and across the US, they can get the word out about your company quickly. They are experts at customer acquisition and retention - kind of like walking door hangers. If for example, they went door-to-door for Kellogg Corn Flakes, I can guarantee that market share for the brand would triple in less than six months.

Martin Calle

One of the best developing Indian Brands in America is CEO Sumita Bahtra's Ziba Beauty. www.Zibabeauty.com

There are more.

John Calkins

My business is not even a blip on the map of the Brands. I am in search of being apart of conversation out of my local area. I am a business owner of a company in the food industry. I have built a web site which is crossing a marketing company with food industry. I have been selling this gourmet cookie product for a decade. The expense of the cookie has limited my outlet of sales. http://hotcookies.net is opening a new avenue of sales, which the cookie is the attention grabber and the marketing literature is the sale. The web site allows a customer to upload photos and word documents. We will create a magazine, brochure or postcard and print bake, package and mail. We are having success with our local customers, but need help reaching customers across the country.

Varun Reddy


Do you deal with only American Brands? As there are many Indian examples also which have great line extensions and failures too...

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