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December 2007


Sunil S Chiplunkar

SIMPLICITY IS THE HEIGHT OF SOPHISTICATION. Kaboost has done every thing from the product conceptualization stage to marketing in a simple and direct way. So Happy Christmas to you, family and your blog readers.

Martin Calle

Hi Laura, Happy Holidays, Holy Days and Merry Christmas!
I like this story because it proves once again that a brand is nothing more than something that someone started that caught on...and that this person is the person who has a brand story, while all of the heavily price-driven commodity brands found in chain grocery and drug stores do not. I mean, after reading your post on KaBoost, I can as easily recite this brand story as a nursury rhyme. I can't so easily recount Tide or Crest's "brand story." Anyway, brand stories are snacks I'll be munching on over the holidays. They're low fat and calorie free food for thought.

Back to an earlier post you closed on branding Atlanta with a new slogan. Should the bar be elevated to reinventing Atlanta's name? Having invented Slice, that brand has now gone the way of Sierra Mist (by the way, I have a cabin in the Eastern Sierra - there is rarely any mist - it's arid). Sci-fi offers Atlantis. How about a rebirth or re-imagining a la Tin Man?
I wish you and your dad the best!
Martin Calle


I agree my 2.5 year old would love being able to sit with everyone else at the table, but then parents lose the ability to strap the child in securely (especially important with a messy meal).
Perhaps a buckle could be a product improvement/upsell.

Bill Gammell


What a great idea for a product and an excellent recap of the strengths of the product and the marketing. Thanks for sharing.

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