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December 2007


Devon Thomas Treadwell

Great analysis, Laura, as usual. I always enjoy reading your thoughts on branding.

We have posted our picks of best and worst brand names of 2007. I'd be curious to know if you agree.


Sunil S Chiplunkar

Very thought provoking blogpost. Line extensions certainly do not work in the long run. The Lexus example was good.

I think when one looks at business processes and results on a quarter to quarter basis, line extensions seem to have a place in the scheme of things. The wise thing to do is to kind of balance out immediate financial goals with the long term objectives of ensuring financial health of the organization.

Dan Schawbel


I mentioned the Donald one on my blog a while ago. It makes for a good laugh and I'm glad you included it in your report.

Martin Calle

Another one of my truisms. "It's hard for a company or brand to be one thing to some people." Like Starbucks, they grow to attempt to become more things to more people. Strength of equity fades in relation to development of the flattening maure earnings phase. I seem to be one holding out hope a renaissance in positioning innovation will enable such to return to the rapid growth phase.

Scott Miller

The issue of flavors is a gray area. I personally think that there are many opportunities for new brands that focus on a single flavor. Coke and Pepsi used to be such brands, until they remodeled themselves after Shasta, and became brands of many flavors (and therefore a lot weaker, IMO). Someone asks, "I'll take a Coke." The waiter replies, "What flavor?" Not good.

If I were forced to start a new ice cream brand, I'd focus solely of chocolate flavored ice cream. I'd position it as the best chocolate ice cream in the world, as that's all we make. I'd make sure than we didn't use artificial flavors, used real sugar versus corn syrup, and so on.

Someone might suggest that I'm losing out with vanilla lovers. Well, I'd start another brand that ONLY made vanilla ice cream! I'd probably limit it to these two flavors, as combined I'm sure they cover 80% of the market.

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