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January 2008


Roushan Dehury

I have written my take on this topic and present forth my views in the URL mentioned below:


Scott White


Time to stop corporate branding and begin product branding. P & G does a pretty good job at that.

owen frager

Great article and to show how much thimgs have changed:

DigiBarn Ads:
Korey Kay "Think Digital" Xerox Campaign proposal

Martin Calle

Xerox should be asking what comes after document management. By not asking such pertinent questions, Kodak lost hold of the "image capture" and "memories" market to become just a "me too" brand. They never learned how to reverse the effects of a mature industry's lifecycle.

iPhone apps

I always wonder why companies can't just die like people. Let the new upstarts take their place. I mean it happens anyway, but the old ones don't die they just walk around like the living dead... Kodak... Xerox... Ford...

Michael B

I spent 2 years at Xerox.

It's group think there at the HIGHEST order.

They called us Xeroids...and believe me, it doesn't even begin to explain how things work there.

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to trying to convince people to "change their mind." Xerox should have saved their money trying to do the impossible.

I may be mistaken, but I don't think Kleenex never tried to undo what they stood for.


It was very informative Laura, but as you say, its very difficult to change mind set formed during last 75 years, will a new brand logo workout is a doubtful question :)

Ben Bacon

Interbrand is either very dense or very greedy. Aside from those two attributes, what can explain away such a poor branding move? And, if Interbrand is indeed the latter, then Xerox is the former.

Erik Johnson

And it took Interbrand 24 months! All for an updated logo, and useless research.

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