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February 2008



Obama's branding is so good that his candidacy is spawning new words, everything from Barackstar to Obamania to Omentum.
I call them neobamalogisms.


Again, my link did not work. The program wanted to include my full stop. Oy vey. Here it is: http://twbranding.blogspot.com/2008/02/hillary-vs-barack.html


Here's what Larry David (co-creator of Seinfeld) had to say about Obama:

“The country needs a shower, a good, long, hot shower. That’s what Obama is, a hot shower. So fresh you can smell him, delicious.” :)

Larry's core fan base (for the most part) views the overtly political comedian as a geniuine, thoughtful, and intelligent person, who couldn't care less about endorsing candidates in order to gain publicity. In my opinion, Larry's endorsement of Obama would have a similar effect on Larry's fans as Oprah's endorsement of Obama had on hers.

Thoughts, Laura?

Dan Limbach

Remember, the right endorsement can sway a lot of voters. Millions of voters do not spend the time to understand the candidates' platforms. Often, it takes just one "event" to get a voter on your side, and the right endorsement can be that event.

"If Oprah made her decision, that's good enough for me. I don't have to research the candidates now."


Wow! Brilliant! This race truly is a testament to branding, is it not? Obama preempted the word "change" from the field early on. We are seeing The Law of the Word in action on the political front. Hillary has flitted about from "experience" to "change" to "solutions." No, "solutions" does not sound as strong as “change,” nor does it resonate with what consumers (American voters) want.

I got so inspired by your post, that I wrote one of my own: http://twbranding.blogspot.com/2008/02/hillary-vs-barack.html.

Thanks, Laura, for your wonderful wisdom.

Scott White

I don't think becoming a celebrity has much to do with it. Many presidents weren't celebs...Carter, George W etc. What matters are 2 things.

1. The candidate establish a clear and consise brand identity.

2. They hammer home their brand identity all the time (like Obama and change).

3. They aren't the most hated out of the two. People voted against Kerry.

4. Then don't forget the South. It's reality...are they going to vote for a woman or a black man? We'll see.

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