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June 2008



YSL seems to forget that consumers -- at the individual level -- in Asia often prefer Western brands despite all the nationalistic rhetoric. These brands are not necessarily American brands either: LSE (London School of Economics), Chivas Regal, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Lexus, Benz. Need I go on? Different categories are associated with brands from particular countries: Business education (E.g. Wharton, MIT. Harvard: USA); cosmetics (L'Oreal: France); medicine (GSK: United Kingdom); fashion (Versace: Italy); banking/investing (Credit Suisse: Switzerland). In international trade, we buy what we want as individuals, the same is true in China.


correct me if i am wrong but i sense a certain fear in this post. fear of the rise of Chinese brands? fear of the speed of China's branding activities? fear of facing a world of brands created in China? as a newcomer to China this (and 'the branding mess') may be natural first impressions. what America has perfected in terms of brand building over some decades will now be done by China - just a little faster, perhaps with a new look at creativity and certainly with the support of experienced marketers in the beginning. unfortunately i missed the performances in Beijing and Shanghai and wonder what the topics and audiences were. judging from the photos it may have been a presentation of the 'Laura Ries Brand'?

Tyler Dewitt

China has a very neat culture :).

Brad Baldwin

Very synergistic with the book "The Post-American World" by Fareed Zakaria. He discusses and predicts why India and China will continue to experience high growth, but will hit the wall just like Japan did.


fun blog you have my vote for best blog.


Nice blog........and you look too good! liked it very much :)

Dennis D. Balajadia

Hi Laura,

Given the emergence of China brands competing in the global landscape, what can the world do to be better prepared? What opportunities do you think would be present for those living outside of China?

If you have a business in China, what should you start doing?

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