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August 2008



I think James Pharaons' is the funniest one. Maybe Phelps could also sponsor rubber rings , it would be funny.

Tyler Dewitt


Interesting post looks like your starting to build audience here :).


I can see it now, Phelps endorsing Venus razors and Skintimate :)

Maybe not the best route.

Aki Kuwabara

Phelps and other swimmers should endorse Gillette products. Swimmers shave their legs for efficiency in gliding through water: it is a perfect opportunity to establish a link between the brand and Olympic-level athleticism and performance.


What a great Omega's victory.. Stolen gold medal... Did you knew that Omega signed him 2004? And Omega maid official computer pool sistem ARES in Olimpic 2008.. Great PR... Say no more!!
.."There is one thing for sure, nothing is for sure when it comes to the Olympics"...

Scott Welch

I think Al pointed out in "Fall of Advertising, RIse of PR" that it's most ideal to lead with PR and then follow with advertising. Communicate what the press said about your product or service in your communications program. What Speedo has done in this case fits that advice perfectly.

As an aside, Phelps allegedly eats over 10,000 calories per day which is nearly impossible to do with a low fat, low calorie diet so maybe Pizza Hit isn't too far off Erik!

James Pharaon

I think it would be funny for a swimmer to be "pushing" water. Imagine: "Desani - the only water Michael Phelps will swallow."

Or something like that.

Ari Shohat

Looks like we have a pick already... Frosted Flakes! http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/2008olympics/2008/08/19/2008-08-19_breakfast_of_a_champion_frosted_flakes_p.html

Emily Campbell

I think he should steer clear of any restaurant related endorsements. Everyone is so health conscious these days and I think associating a restaurant with a person who eats 10,000 calories a day is like having the Anti-Jerrod (from Subway) as your spokesperson. People are unable to relate to eating so many calories. Instead we are fighting to cut calories so that we can squeeze into those size 8 skinny jeans. I think he should stick to endorsing sports products and swimming.

Laura Ries

Love the iHOP idea! I wish he had been eating their pancakes all along. It would have been perfect! How he eats 10,000 calories a day is amazing!

Ari Shohat

Funny ones? Yes, Trojan or other condom brand. That'd be the talk of the town if he went with one of those.


Maybe a smart endorsement might be energy drinks- he consumed 2000 calories of energy drinks a day!

A couple that might be funny :)

IHOP- With all the eggs, pancakes, and french toast he ate.

Pizza Hut- for the 8 slices of pizza he would eat for dinner with a pound of pasta.

What a great Olympics for Phelps, it was fun to watch.

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