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October 2008





P.S - Love that article.



I agree with your point on not lowering prices, this is very sound advice. You can never win being with the lowest price, because there's alwasy someone willing to go lower. Win with sound marketing.

Aki Kuwabara

Though this is a sage advice that applies to any brand, one industry in particular that needs to find its grounding in the principle of focused branding is the airline industry. While the likes of Southwest and JetBlue maintain their brand, many others have been scurrying to slash costs at the expense of customer service. Though it is true that many of the major airlines lack brand identity, it is time like these when they need to refocus their brand and win over their customers.


Good advice. Watch your competitors discount all they want, and then watch them go out of business!

Greg Gillispie

In these days, market your business position as the best product brand. That is all.

When there is more money available, promote the value and uniqueness of your product or service.

Most of all, continue marketing. Find ways to make relationships with your customers. Even the coupon draws business.

If you fail to keep your presence and leadership in the position, you might as well wrap it up and go on your once merry way.

Jen Travis

This is exactly the right advice. CEO's and CMO's forget this as they struggle to make their quarterly projections, but what you want at the end of an economic tsunami is a brand, whose meaning is intact with its most important and best customers. After all, those are the people that make or break a brand.

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