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October 2008


Julia Tanen

Funny! At least now I know why I can't send my husband to the grocery store (or when I do i just grin and bear it!). I don't understand line extensions either. Isn't gatorade the best? Why do they have to come up with something else? Everyone loves gatorade. If you need someone to help at the intervention, sign me up for training.


Laura, great blog and great post! Your insight (and your dad's) really helps me in my day to day work in media marketing. Thanks for all you do.

Dr Wright

Its good to think about. Most small companies are trying to do line extension because the products they have are NOT working. They want to try to find something that will sell.

Dr. Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

Graham Ruppel

Good work. Love reading and reminding to refocus!

siddharth soni

Lovely piece. Every time when we discuss issues of extension in our meetings, I am at a loss of words. Examples galore but I wonder why people don't just see them. Such a vicious cycle. If a large company has indulged in line-extensions our consultants would quote the same example to our relatively smaller client and our recommendation would sail through. Consequence: Extension glut in the market-place.

NW Guy

The grocery aisle is a minefield, but don't forget that the medicine aisles are right with them. How many different versions of Tylenol can there be? And please, please go easy on parents and clearly identify different children's brands.

Silly me, isn't Tiger a different brand? I thought G2 was the poor line extension of Gatorade.

Mario Sanchez

As a confused soul that also struggles at the grocery store, I must say I loved the article and the examples. Line extensions end up competing with the core product and diluting the brand they are supposed to expand. Unfortunately, while corporations continue to reward "playing it safe" instead of taking bold, imaginative risks, we will continue to see these aberrations pollute our already crowded marketplace.

Geoff Livingston

Too funny. I like the twist to the lesson.


LOL! I always grocery shop with my cell phone close at hand too!

Caleb Galaraga

Amazing thoughts Laura! Yeah, confusion in line extension America has become a cancer that might turn all these brands into category losers. I agree that there should be some form of contraction than expansion in their branding efforts or at least some divergence. But of course, change inside a huge corporate bureaucracy is like trying to get this bail out issue passed without question from Congress! Cheers!

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