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January 2009


Craig Johnson

It drives me crazy how the new Blackberry Storm ads try to focus on how you can see photos, watch videos, and listen to music on the Storm. Let that go! If I wanna do those things I'm for sure gonna get an iPhone. Stick with Blackberry being the businessman's phone and give up the fun.

Laura Ries

The Storm was exactly the wrong thing for BlackBerry to do. You don't fight the enemy by copying them.

Look what happened to Dell when they went after the consumer market, total disaster.

The BlackBerry should stick to the many advantages of not having a touch screen especially for business users and email.

Sure a BlackBerry is NOT for everybody. But that is the essence of branding. The way to build a brand is by not appealing to everybody but by appealing to somebody. For BlackBerry it is business people.

Leexan Hong

I just received an e-mail from Blackberry encouraging me to set up a fitness plan using my Blackberry:


Curious to see what your thoughts are? We had a discussion at my office and came to the conclusion that this might be more of a "reaction" to the iPhone and could ultimately be hurting their "businessman's" phone brand. We felt that RIM should be focusing on making the Blackberry more "serious" and further differentiate it from the iPhone rather than promoting it to keep track of your workouts on it.


I couldn't imagine having a Blackberry. Oh wait, I did have oneā€”for two weeks. Then I returned it, switched phone companies, and bought an iPhone. Crackberry phones are garbage. The infuriating little scroll wheel makes life a struggle. And the little, tiny keys? I don't have the patience or nails for a Crackberry. Dealing with the fake internet (those watered down text pages) sucks.

Many of the Crackberry addicted execs would gladly trade in their tragically unhip mobile bricks for a sleek, stylish iPhone. As with most innovations, the adaptation period takes time. IT departments are to blame in this case!

So I digress. Apple is rapidly picking off a lion's share of the U.S. smartphone market. What happens next is up to Apple, not R.I.M. The ill-fated Storm was a day late and a dollar short. By releasing this product, R.I.M. was no longer the brand Apple imitated, it was the other way around. Poor R.I.M. They got stomped on by the cool kid.

How much longer will Apple be the cool kid, though? What with Steve Jobs' health and pulling out of Macworld 2010...

Thanks for the great posts, Laura! :)


Good article. Only problem for Blackberry is a buggy reputation for the Storm.

Adrianne Machina

I can't imagine living a day with out my BlackBerry. I think many business owners and execs would agree with me. I agree with your analysis that the "BarackBerry" is a coup for RIM against the iPhone - even if he uses a Treo. We all know he WOULD use a BlackBerry if the secret service allowed it, right?

I'm glad that we're not making our President use morse code, smoke signals and ink-dipped pens just to uphold tradition. We need a get-things-done president, and I'm THRILLED he gets his Blackberry. Now if we can just get him back on Twitter?

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