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January 2009


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Obama treated his image excellently - I think he is maybe the first US president, who was so closely watched by the whole WORLD, even before he was elected! Does he have some revolutionary opinions? Visions? Reform? Yes, he has some views, maybe interesting views, but definitely not revolutionary. And still, he made to world masses what Lenin had made (I don't want to say Obama is Lenin of course!). I think it's mainly thanks to his image...

Paul Dushkind

During the campaign, race was played down. Remember Hillary Clinton and other people said that Obama wasn't the black candidate, he was a candidate who just happened to be black? But in the past few days, I've heard "the first African-American President" a lot. Today Rick Warren even began his invocation with that phrase, which I found jarring. If the new President isn't careful, he may find himself rebranded as the African-American one.


There has been a lot of conversation on how Barack Obama may have the best perosnal brand. I read a post on http://www.brandfasttrackers.com
where Brain Martin, CEO of Brand Connections said this:
“Leadership = Influence. …. We are all INFLUENCERS and influence is a craft worth cultivating.”

Influence has a great deal to do with personal branding. Who do you want to influence, how should you influence, what influence can you offer? Obama by keeping his Blackberry, is influencing a nation to be "connected" with one another - to converse, debate, and be informed.

Dr. Wright

Obama will not earn money from endorsements right now, however, AFTER his presidency, he will be free to cash in on that and be one of the highest paid speakers in history.

The blackberry thing makes sense. If he send a signal, he can be tracked, that is not always safe for the president. The secret service are just trying to do their jobs.

He'll find new ways to communicate

Dr. Wright
The Wright Place TV show

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