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February 2009


Cuddles Healing bear

Darwin said in paraphrase that you can't change the natural selection and Tropicana is as natural as they get.

Bad Tropicana publicity stunt for them to get negative PR attention. Coke tried that with New Coke package and returned to Classic Coke can when consumers were outraged in press coverage's.

Eventually, Pepsi surpassed Coke in sales for a short time. But oddly, when Coke returned to Classic Coke, consumers became so emotionally attached to the Coke brand, they almost thought they lost the American flag when Coke committed "brand suicide" and became a traitor to the country.

I'm glad I don't have top management pressuring me about how to run my organization
cuddleshealingbear.blogspot.com. I have the freedom to market this cancer movement, where it identifies with wholesome pro-family cancer patients, rallying to abstain from unclean products that trigger cancer.

Many top management commit brand suicide and stir up major controversy when they 'fondle' with brands. This is why CEO's have a short life-span career of only 3 to 7 years.

It's all about the head of the company trying to please stockholders, by impressing them with high numbers with introducing a new "brand makeover."

Sales don't increase by making over brands with new consumers, who never caught on to the original brand in the first place.

A brand is like driving your original car or living in your original home, if someone tampers with it by painting it pink and adding leopard skin to the upholstery, you wouldn't recognize your brand and most likely be upset if you were not told by top management if this was alright to change your brand.

The consumer owns the brand because its in their mind and is paid for out of their pockets. If you stole what I owned, you're a "brand thief", regardless if you exchange it for a different brand style.

I want the original wife, car, house, maybe with a few minor touch ups and upkeep's, but not a 360 degree shock of surprise.

Darwin predicted this would occur, but the Bible stated also "there is nothing new under the sun", even God Himself said "I change not." He keeps his creation the same so we could recognize His wonderful brand everyday. I don't agree with Darwin on everything but he was absolute about divergence.

Here is a corporation applying Darwin principles in their business:

Survival of the Fittest: Corporate Darwinism
By Chris Clarke, President & CEO, Boyden World Corporation

“In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.”
Charles Darwin, The Origin of the Species


Bob Lewis

When will these companies learn? There are some rules that are set in stone. I think a lot of it has to do with having to constantly drive up the price of their stock, and they get desperate!

Dr Letitia Wright

Branding is so tricky for companies. I think the companies know they need to do something but they dont know what. So they decide, oh, lets change the package and branding.

Seeing a real orange makes me feel its fresh. I don't need to see some lady hugging her kid.

Great article!
Dr. Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

Devon Thomas Treadwell

Wow, that ad is so abstruse I'd expect to find it in a beginner copywriter's portfolio.

Retailers are finally catching on to the need for higher quality design (and better brand names to some extent) for their store brands. By glibly dismissing Tropicana's highly recognized straw-in-orange visual and placing the brand name in a hard-to-read vertical orientation, Arnell made it easy for shoppers to mistake Tropicana for another of the new generation of nicely designed private label products.

Way to go, Arnell! Can Tropicana sue for brand malpractice?

I understand, though, that consumers did like the round, orange-shaped cap on the new packaging, so that will be retained on the redesign. Question is, does it build on Tropicana's brand, or is it just a gimmick?


Great post! I saw the new packaging and thought it was a disaster. Glad I am not alone! I still can't believe your blog is ranked only #153 on AdAge power 150. Should be an easy top ten. Good insight as always, look forward to reading your new book this weekend.

David Howse

I'm kinda curious as to who headed the research for the changes. With consumer outrage the sample or focus groups had to have been skewed (was there a sample and focus groups?)

Changing a brand IS brain surgery, you change the brand and consumers have to go though neurolinguistic reprogramming.

ONE QUESTION ON YOUR NEW BOOK... any talk in there about marketers making the first move by taking some accounting, finance, and economics classes?

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