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March 2009


Chad Rothschild

Branding in its truest sense is your experiences, your trust & your association with a brand. So I agree the line associations have to continue and BUILD upon those associations and experiences. G2 is your best example up there of a messed up branding message. Why Gatorade did that, I will never know. I do agree that Gatorade needed to come out with a lower calorie/carb version, but they took the worst route possible. All of their current customers are confused and new ones have no idea what the hell G2 is.

If you want to increase your brand with your audience then you have to engage them, and build more positive experiences.

I would love to share ways you can engage your audience at http://tinyurl.com/ccqo4n

Chad Rothschild

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Stone Age Brands

Corporations love greed, but entrepreneurs love Americans and their country, because they keep jobs here to build America!

http://stoneagebrands.blogspot.com we show how American made brands brong this country into a recession by ignoring the customer and caused millions to be unemployed during this financial crisis, while sending American jobs overseas to build a profitable economy in third world countries.

Lets face it, product lining has been practiced since the beginning of corporations- from multiple Hershey candy bars in the 19th Century (Hershey Kisses, Hershey bar, Hershey Milk, etc) to Apple technology in the 21st Century (computer, IPOD, Pilot, ITunes). These big sharks are subborn and won't listen to commen sense or logic, so the best thing for us marketing guru experts to do is, prevent entrepreneurs and startups from following pridicatable disasterous paths as the ego name trippers. That's the marketing consultant core target market, because the industries are under pressure by the investors to get numbers to go up in the stock. Creating extended products show fairy tale profits for short term results. This is a Barney Madoff pyramid scheme and investors fall for the supernatural myth of getting rich quick.

Industries are stubborn and have a super ego to put their name on everything, because they believe that in their warped minds- consumers love, identify and are fimilar with their name.

Big corporations are just adding to the confusion of choice and are doing more harm to the economy when they gamble billions of dollars on pushing their name on multiple new brands, advertising and marketing. Their brand gambling addiction causes many American jobs to be lost, due to the failure of the product. This makes unemployment go on the rise, because companies have to file bankruptcy or Chapter 11 or 13, as well as ask for bailouts, which the taxpayer ends up footing the bill to cover unemployment extensions, bailouts and welfare.

"Survival of the fittest" -Charles Darwin


Great post. Classic mistakes in line extension. Another example...the new Coke commercial cracks me up. With a figure leaving the Coke headquarters with a formula and heading to the office of Coke Zero next door. That's exactly what there customers are doing! The only thing Coke is doing with this classic line extension is taking away Coke customers.

Great new book. I encourage everyone to get it! Full of great examples and insight, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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