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September 2009


Reduce High Cholesterol Level

Yeah I agree with Erik (1st comment) that said that the world of branding is such a mess..I totally agree...I mean it's not only Cheerios...I mean I'm from Europe...and well same applies here...I mean the manufacturers are claiming such nonsense ...I mean lower your bad cholesterol with Cheerios...it doesn't even sound serious...I'm just waiting for the day when they start printing messages..like Cheerios will prolonge your life by 20-30 years...I mean they are already allowed to put out such nonsense claims, so why stop here (being a bit sarcastic)...

Erik Johnson

In May the FDA blasted Cheerios for the health clainms they were making. This was a blessing in disguise. General Mills should drop the heart and go back to the bee.

It is much easier for leaders to make mistakes and get away with it, for a while. Let's hope others don't follow the path of Cheerios and take them down the wrong path as well. The world of branding is such a mess! Great post.

Account Deleted

Wow the 1st paragraph is really true. They always forget that the positioning is the process.

Richard Bliss

I would add the Gatorade repackaging to this list of biggest mistakes. The entire G2 movement for Gatorade has caused nothing but confusion, splintered the market, and caused people to hesitate at the moment of buying decision.

Thank you for putting into words the frustration felt by so many knowledgeable marketing people overruled by bone-head executive decisions.

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