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December 2009


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yes that's right, start getting back your family, and start winning the tournaments and fans to your side. that's life!

Paul Miranda

yes that's right, start getting back your family, and start winning the tournaments and fans to your side. that's life! Market Research Agencies

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Laura -
A nice, non-emotional look at the branding aspects of this "issue". Thanks. Tiger has to deal with Tiger, and our media madness voyeuristic journey with his (their) personal life is a shame. My thought for a sure-fire recovery is the sympathy play...Check into the center, claim sex addiction, and prescription drugs and watch the media crowd sing a different tune. A cleansed hero walks onto the golf course and the talk-show sets six months from now. Whether the marriage lasts or not, both possible results would work into the long-term sympathy play. Its also a shame that this might work. Such is 2010.

Josh Levine

Thanks Laura,

Great post and it's nice to see a little bit of rational thought on a topic like this. As you point out, stuff happens, it's what you do next that counts.

Speaking of which, isn't it always what we do next that counts? I'm sure you've heard tons of brands, like I have, tell me that they were the first ___ to ____ and they want credit for that. Brands think they can create loyalty by extolling their heritage. That might work sometimes, but more often than not when they're saying this to me, they're also getting their butts kicked by a competitor who doesn't have the heritage and doesn't care.

Neither do consumers. As examples in your article show, consumers have short memories. We love to forgive and forget, but we also love to forget. Just like Tiger, marketers need to stop worrying about what they've doing and focus on what they're going to do next.

J  A

CARTOON: Tiger Woods' 17th mistress revealed

J  A

CARTOON: Tiger Woods' 17th mistress revealed!



"Keeping his endorsements isn’t really a concern. Companies like Nike, Gatorade and Accenture are so tightly tied up with Tiger they are unlikely to cut him loose unless he goes out and kills somebody."

Accenture just walked away, does this mean things are even worse than they appear fro Tiger? I still think he can survive one loss, but if another walks (and if it's either of them, it'll be gatorade), Tiger is in serious trouble,

Benin Brown

Hi Laura,

Your headline was so catchy that I just couldn't resist reading the entire piece.

As you have pointed out this is a very polarizing topic so I won't say much. What I will say is that you make some very interesting points as it relates to personal brands.

Do you think that the resiliency of the A-Rod and Kobe brands in the face of controversy has as much to do with the public's need to believe in something larger than life (such as an unlikely comeback) as much as it does with these athletes winning games?


Typos -
The case *when* on for over a year when the *changes* were dropped after the accuser became unwilling to testify

Erik Johnson

Fortunately for Tiger he won't turn into the disaster that Lindsey Lohan has turned into.

Remember with Kobe it was supposedly one night and one women. With A-Rod it was one or two women. With Tiger we are talking the possibility of 10 and they are all talking.

Tell the truth. Get back with the family. Start winning tournaments and fans back.

Brand Tiger can survive...
Good post.

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