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September 2010


new balance

Power invariably means both responsibility and danger.

accounting nonprofit

Sometimes, people think that non- profit organizations don't earn well but because of the "rebrand thing" that is happening nowadays, non-profit orgs may also help their members earn money and, non- profit associates, help their members manage their finances.

David McElroy

I have to wonder about any designer who thinks it's a good idea to set yellow type against a white background. That tagline is very hard to read. :-)

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i am now sniff sniffing into my afternoon tea... this time last week we were sweating like we have never sweated before, in the best possible way to sweat. gosh how i miss my dearies and their perfectly perfect doilifying ways!

Paul Dushkind

Maybe Lantern Mission. It would turn the logo into a representation of the name. People who live in Atlanta will take the location for granted.

I also don't care for the design of the lantern, because it doesn't look like a lantern. It looks like the top of a street lamp. A lantern would have a handle and not be tapered.


The thing I like most is the verbal nail, it is sharp and sounds great. I´m from Spain and havent heard about AM, but if I see the "ending homelessness" you dont need to add anything else to explain the objective of the mission.

Just one thing, dont you think the typography is too serious? or distant?

Alan 'Brand' Williamson


The new name still seems a tad too long - 5-syllables too long, and chances are it will be shortened to AM (Atlanta Mission) or MA (Mission Atlanta).

Suggest creatively combining both names to read as one-word: Missionlanta or Lantamission - now slightly shorter at 4-syllables, with a subliminal reference to its Lant(ern) symbol hidden with the new name.



I can understand why Laura wanted to rebrand Atlanta Union Mission as the snappier, smoother sounding Mission Atlanta, but can also see why the organisation wanted a link to its past and chose Atlanta Mission. But brilliant analysis and I'm sure that the makeover will have a great impact on the working and success of the organisation.

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This sounds utterly wonderful. I have heard of Souvenier Press before but may have to go and find out more as I have heard they do some wonderful classics. I love the idea of Aunts in France. Great post Elaine!

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Very interesting makeover, indeed. I like the modernized name and tagline.

On the other hand, the lantern visual looks much more old-fashioned now than it did before. Over in Europe, such lanterns are widely used by Catholics on All Saints' Day to light candles on the graves of beloved ancestors. I am sure this would not be the right kind of connotation for the homeless. Of course, this symbol may be interpreted differently in the US.

Also, after reading, I was surprised about the second visual for logo and tagline, the medal-type emblem. Separate from the first one, I would not associate it with the same organization. Especially on the van, it confuses me for two reasons: first, its look-and-feel being so different from the present-day one on the passenger door; secondly, it's again about this graveyard feeling: this could be the coroner's car on a crime scene...

Sorry for my drastic interpretations. As said, my overall impression is very positive but, I also wanted to share my second thoughts.

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