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October 2010



Obvious blunder changing the logo.

Yaacov Weiss

Let’s put the facts on the table - Old Navy opened in 1994, Banana Republic was bought in 1983 and GapKids opened in 1986. Gap was wildly successful with increasing revenues every year up until 2000- From 2000 on things started going downhill for them. What did the Gap do on or around the year 2000 that you can attribute their downslide to? Nothing. The real problem for Gap is not line extensions or watering down the brand. Rather, it has to do with what the Gap brand always stood for. GAP stood for casual college clothing. It targeted people who want to be comfortable, look decent, and not have to think about it (at least in theory). Gap’s misfortune was do to a general shift away from baggy, casual clothing to a much more fitted and trendier look. This shift took place around the year 2000. Even the clothing at Old Navy, is more styled and trendy than those offered at GAP. Bottom line- what Gap stands for, is no longer relevant.


Good article Laura.

Perhaps Nissan is another case to look at:

Will branding around the new Leaf and innovation work? I'm not so sure....

Jaime de la Rica

I dont like the new logo either, it looks like anothet online bank or something without personality, nothing new.

Laura, please, could you comment one day Abercrombie&Fich case? My opinion: looks like it is becoming more popular (lots of people wearing it) so people (the early adopters) is not buying anymore.

At least in Spain, 3 years ago was like trendy and new to wear it (because it meant that you have been in NY or in the US), now discount shops or A&F entering in Europe have been selling A&F so more people is wearing it....

The question: Should A&F stop the internationalisation or not? maybe the positioning for europeans is "american style" so we dont want them to be in europe so it is more exclusive to have it?


online branding

Isn't rebranding by redesigning the identity something that agencies push for? Wouldn't it make more sense to spend in other areas and define the brand or reposition over applying a new identity? I'm not sure, so I ask.

I think they would be better off working on a social media strategy, target their segment, and try to raise awarenes and build brand equity. They seem to be an ideal brand to go down that path.

You mentioned "Changing a brand that is 50 years old and as well-known as the Gap is not well advised. If you do make a change, it had better be subtle and definitely not drastic."

I guess Pepsi isn't aware of this.

Usually good when inspiring, this may not be the case...


Also notable in recent new brand identiy revisions would be MySpace. Another fail? Or was it an attempt to grab attention for a failing brand?

Mark Nicholson

Paul Dushkind

The Helvetica font has been too trendy in recent years. It is going to look outdated very soon.

I don't know if this was on purpose, but the little blue box looks to me like a button with an Internet link. I feel frustrated if I can't click on it.

I wonder why nobody noticed when Chrysler dropped the PentaStar. Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen wouldn't be able to change their trademarks.

Brochures Printing Online

The original logo's typeface is simple but elegant; the new logo's typeface is standard and boring. You have to wonder if they actually saw it before unveiling to the public.

cheap sample logos

The new proposed GAP logo is really good. I liked it. It is new, simple and creative. Nice sharing. Keep posting.


Excellent point Erik, the new Gap logo was way too much like the Old Navy logo. And that goes to the heart of the problem. The Gap got squeezed out of the market and mind by Old Navy.

I did love the GapKids too. But I tell you the more I bought my kids stuff at GapKids, the was less I bought anything at Gap. I don't want a to wear the brand my 3 year old does!

Erik Johnson

Good points, I do agree...

I do think that the new proposed Gap logo looks a little too much like the Old Navy logo. Maybe they could have made gradual changes over time. Gap kids and pastels is what did the brand in for me a long time ago. A store I use to shop at and a brand I use to love.

Erik Johnson

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