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February 2011


Coach Factory Store

If elected, he said, he would "serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause and no one interest.


Audrey needs a redesign of her logo for the many reasons posted. There is something to be said to sticking with your core competency. All the ideas in the post are great.

Xavier Paz

Great post, but poor logo. It uses a wrong concept and tag line (it's not a recycling business), plus the design is really poor. The tag line will not be readable when printed small (and not so small), and the full logo looks backwards - it does not suggest change, but resistance to change.

Mark MyWord

As a serious journalist, I am honored to comment. Unfortunately, after speed reading here and there, I still have no clue what a "Brand" is. Coming from the Western States, my "brand" is either XXX home-made, or red hot metal sizzling away on live meat, accompanied with calves squeeling. None of your pictures indicated that Miziss Laura survived branding.
Well good for you, that you are successful at whatever it is that you do which never gets defined, and people buy five books about it.


I agree with the other posts on the "redesign" vs. "recycle" visual.

I am a big fan of the approach to branding, but the visual branding in this example couldn't be more at odds with your principles, especially when discussing visual hammers. When I see this logo (colour, shape, organization, etc), I don't think of an interior designer at all, do you?

I know what the logo says literally, but visually it tells me that it is a 1800GotJunk garbage collection/recycling brand.

This brand needs to look and feel like a "make over" brand, not a waste management brand.

I recommend a logo redesign ;)


Agree with the last comment - the recycle arrows are so far removed in the public's consciousness from 'redesign' that all meaning is lost in the new identity.

'Redesigns' is at odds with the arrows. In fact I don't even consider the term 'redesign' in the logo; all I see are recycling arrows and think Audrey must run some kind of trash recycling business.

Agree on the name though, just not the visual.


For me, the 'redesign' word is far away from 'recycling' and so I translate her logo as little bit about transforming old stuff to a new one, not re-aranging my things better.

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