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April 2011


Account Deleted

okay, today i discovered that you can put rims on a bike, now im looking at l.e.d. rims that light up in the dark with messages and pictures? If i see anymore innovations from the hood im gonna have a "rap-gasm".
For more info pls visit here:

romanya vizesi

They don't understand positioning you are right

Account Deleted

Steps of the success is Failure,Just Blackberry from RIM proves that!!

Account Deleted

Most of the celebrities use the blackberry phone. http://www.tavateareview.info/?p=407


Just found your site today, across from the, Hereford Maid, site... she's having a break and I thought, oh well, see who she follows and wow was I happy I found you.

Love your opinions. At least you are brave enough to have them.

Loved the article on Starbucks changing its logo and I agree wholeheartedly with you, although I did read the comments and they got me thinking perhaps I'm old-fashioned in my marketing views. However, I believe Starbucks have lost the plot a bit and need to get back to basics. From the change of logo (which I don't recognize as Starbucks any more) I just get, the CEO no longer cares for coffee, so nobody else should either. I have no idea what Starbucks do other than coffee, so hum...

Thanks for a great site. I'll be looking forward to more posts from you.


Francois Descarie

And wait! This is not over. RIM is about to launch its Playbook, a tablet that will try to compete again with Apple. This is highly ironic since most of the tablets' growth is expected to come from the business side. Here again, they should have branded it the Tabberry and targeted the business sector....


I absolutely agree with you. Focus on the business people. Make it even easier to send emails, view reports whatever... open an app store with a primary focus on biz applications. Do something for biz people that Apple can't. Let people know. Make it more enjoyable & cool for business people to use it. Focus the message.

Why go compete with Apple or Android when you've got such a strong foundation? Let Apple be the mainstream - let yourself take advantage of Apple's once "I'm different than you" appeal.

Johnny Reb

I'm a die hard apple fan. Since the entry of the iphone everyone runs around with a iphone these days. I started to get interested in a Blackberry instead. Since blackberry isn't mainstream in Europe. If Blackberry also gets mainstream... then I might have no choice but aim for a iphone.

Blackberry should use a "blackberry" as their logo visuals. As in this ad:

Johanes Hartmann

They don't understand positioning you are right. The funny thing is that the blackberry has iconic strength. The symbol you are talking about might be the BB itself.


Doesn't matter what Political Party you like or belong to, they all use BlackBerry.

The brand suffers from wanting to be cool in high school. The better strategy is the be the nerd everybody eventually won't be able to live without.

Mike Wiley

I don't know if Obama's favorabilty bodes well for a gadget trying to retain its share versus tough competition.

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