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May 2011



Oh my god, a friend of mine gave me the link to this post this morning.


Thanks for the article. I'm newer to social media, but wonder if it really is easy. With everyone trying to capture each other's attention, I sometimes wonder who stops to listen and is there much to listen to with everyone to "rank 1" on google the simple way.

I read a good review of the book "24-Hour Customer" (http://www.strategy-keys.com/New-Market-Penetration-Approach.html) that looks at the topic from an great angle.

Social Media Consultancy

Spot on Laura,

Social Media is not a fad, but it has become faddy in the way people are approaching it. Also agree on your 3 points, our experience says the same - New, fun brands appealing to a new generation and a clear focus. Those are the ones that succeed best in this new media.

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They could think more about live, in-person, or mini 1:1 events that would reach the younger market they're wishing to target in a novel way and then use social channels to broadcast those.

Ashley Word

Brands need to start viewing social media as the tools they are instead of a one-size-fits-all formula. I'm tired of brands trying to re-invent themselves for social sites instead of using them to extend their existing brand and core competencies.

With the Tupperware example, I like your starting points for them. Tupperware is famous for going direct to the customer in person-- Tupperware parties. They could think more about live, in-person, or mini 1:1 events that would reach the younger market they're wishing to target in a novel way and then use social channels to broadcast those.

And as far as offering content, there a million things other than their "Confidence" campaign that could be offered via something like a Facebook page...links to freezer-friendly recipes (with recommended Tupperware)...could target these to younger, single women or those cooking for 2, ideas for packed/commuter lunches for office types, alternative uses for tupperware, links to eco-conscious articles, money-saving ideas, re-introducing retro designs (that's trendy now with 20-30 somethings)...etc. My favorite brands to follow are the ones that offer useful information and position themselves as a helpful resource instead of one of a thousand obnoxious brands that are vying for my attention and dollars.

Account Deleted

My company has grown so much due to social media!
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Molly Smith

Not only am I a fan of your work, but I also consider being mentioned in "The Fall of Advertising & The Rise of PR" one of my most significant professional accomplishments. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with the world.

Karl Schweikart

It sounds to me that Tupperware is actually taking a very traditional advertising approach here - creating a "themed campaign" that has only a tertiary relationship to the brand itself.

In our branding work, we constantly run into clients who are determined to put tactics ahead of strategy. Another example would be tactics around SEO. SEO is certainly important, but without clarifying the underlying positioning strategy, creating confusion rather than connection is a real possibility.


Hi Laura,
You don't know how much Al's and yours books mean to me. I have read many of them and they have shaped my thinking of the world and business.
When you say social media is a tactic nothing can be more true. People think that social media is the only way to build reputation but there are plenty of offline and online tactics too.
I read every post of yours and learn from them.

Thanks for sharing.

Leon Noone

G'Day Laura,
I couldn't let this pass."It's a party your mother bought plastic tubs at." Just wonderful.

At the moment I have a client going through all sorts of hoops trying to find their word.

I've introduced them to both Ries and Trout and Ries and Ries Now I've emailed them this piece and suggested that they take your blog.

Thanks for the help.

Best Wishes.


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