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August 2011


Kiersten Wing

Funny that you had just posted this. I'm a Walmart hater. I was at my parent's house this weekend and my Father needed a lightbulb for my head lamp. After compiling a list of possible places for this purchase it unfortunately landed heavily on Walmart. I'm the type of person that would rather travel 50 miles on the opposite direction than pour my cash into the overly blue haunted house of horrors. I understand fully that Walmart basically controls the price market for pretty much everything, and I can't disagree that the stuff is the cheapest. It certainly is. Does that necessarily mean that humanity has to suffer through their shitty ads/logo/store front/store interior/scary personel? I'd hope that they would strive to lift the general scary feeling that comes with stepping into the store, but maybe they like it that way? Who knows. Anyway, to me Walmart is an abomination of the hard-working American values that it once upheld. I wonder that if Sam Walton saw what his beloved Walmart has turned into he would be as equally disappointed.

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