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February 2012


Rose Ector

Oh, good thing you were able to put those commercials into categories! Some people probably have their own favorites in each. Mine's the M&Ms. I like the character of Ms. Brown, especially what she did in the ending. :D

Dante Mallet

One thing I like about the Super Bowl is that we got to see creative car ads that market the latest models of car brands year after year. It's like watching a full presentation of an annual car show.

Mind F*ck: 12 Advantages For Control

I believe Volkswagen ad was just right with the dog chasing the car because the canine got into shape to take off weight; metaphor being that the VW Beetle is a lightweight vehicle that can run longer, opposed to being an overweight car that can get worn out from having too many pounds. A nice positioning comeback for the classic Beetle that resonated with younger college audiences as their first car and with fuel efficienatos.

"Michael Jackson was more valuable than his music because he controlled the audience with sensational Bullsh*t as an illusion to mask his real self as a con." quote from Kindle book Mind F*ck:12 Strategies For Control @Amazon.com



The fact that Toyota ad a slight exaggeration ... a few others too .... but even first-class sports event :)


Vauu, I need more time to read this all, but great site! I put it in my favourites sites!

Marilyn Charlene

Yup! There's no mistaking it. Were now officially bombarded with Super Bowl ads that can last us for a lifetime! It's just amusing as well as educational to analyze these ads and probably decode the concepts or marketing strategies that these businesses or brands employ in creating them. I wonder what we'll be presented with next year? Do you think mobile and social media marketing will still allow businesses to sell and resell? Thanks!


Good post. The overly sexy Toyota Camry ad was also terrible. I was quite disappointed at the commercials. Not funny, not memorable. At least the game was enjoyable.


Always fun to read your post-Super Bowl analysis.

The odd thing about the Kia ad to me was the absence of spokesman and NBA All-Star, Blake Griffin. Blake's recent ads for Kia have been humorous and memorable ... Why they failed to integrate him into last night's ad was odd and seemed misdirected.

Also interesting that you passed on an opportunity to comment on the CareerBuilder ad, who once again hoped to milk a bunch of monkeys for brand awareness ... although Monster's absence may have been helpful for them.

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