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March 2012


Martin Calle

I was acquainted with Jack Trout and Al Ries. Another weakness with the concept of positioning was called "convergence" of which Jack spoke often from his Greenwich, CT office. Manufacturers and their ad agencies "converge" on the same position saying the same things about products - they just say it differently - whether Maxwell House was good to the last drop or mountain grown Folgers was the richest kind - both spoke of sensory flavor and aroma - converging on the same me-too propositions, things people take for granted. just saying it differently. So while both products employ different visual hammers it took a different "reason-for-being" (stimulation) to make Folgers the best part of waking up. The reason-for-being turned a $300 million product into a $1.6 billion product. Like Crocodile Dundee said when a thug brandished a knife, "That's not a knife." (pulling his 18" Bowie) "Now THAT'S a knife."

Michiel van Dijk

I would also really love a hardcopy version of the book...do have a Macbook Pro, don't have a iPhone, iPod Touch nor an iPad.


great post very interesting and i agree the book looks good


What a brilliant article, Thank You so much. Cant wait to read the book.

Zack Silverman

Laura -- The book looks great. Any way to get it for those of us that don't have an iPad? Is a hard copy in the works?

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