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September 2013



Perhaps Marissa is making the brand more generic to erase the old brand (over time), and to buy time to properly discover and/or craft the new brand.

Michael Matascik

the elephant in the room is that yahoo! does not want to answer what a yahoo is, because yahoo! as it exists today is an anachronism.

do people even use portals any more? i mean, serious, grown-up purveyors of serious news and information? the yahoo! home page is the "news" equivalent of junk food: stories that belong in (or surely were sourced from) us weekly, the national enquirer or TMZ. i'm not so sure i'd hang my hat on the idea of being the biggest, celebrity-gossip content aggregator on the web. there was a time when a portal was useful, in the days before you could essentially aggregate your own content, and before you could link all your social media accounts (and before social-media accounts even existed), but today? i'm skeptical.

let aol or msn take the last gasps over portals; scrap the yahoo! homepage and move the meter by doing something innovative with tumblr. you forced all your employees to work in the office again, ms. mayer. i'm certain the creativity and collaboration are simply gushing from every corner: to wit, the internal logo-design team's 30 days of font roulette.

laura, i also think you nailed it on the head to call what mayer has done to date "busy work." so far, it seems like there's been a lot of activity—but i fear it's being mistaken for productivity.


One of the possible strategies for Yahoo! is "portal." A portal is an entry point. Since Yahoo lost search, I think one of the reasons people go there is to be "linked" to quick news and happenings i.e. Drudge Report.

"Your link to the World is only one-click away.....YAHOO!"

In a sense they have done the searching for you and placed the top of everything on the site.

Great post. With a name like Yahoo! the logo should be fun.

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